3 Replies to “Drunk mom seduces son”

  1. what is this called

  2. I’m try’n this with my mom when she gets drunk. We’ll be actually living together in an apartment together, and my mom does get pretty wasted when she’s feeling lonely for my dad (who’s away and wont be coming back for years). 2 in the mornin, she be drunk, listen’n to country on the radio, I’ll be mind seducing.

  3. I had sex with my drunk passed out cold sleeping mother when I was a teenager and Mom never woke up or moved a muscle the whole time so I took some pictures of her nude so I could look at her nude body while I masturbated and I would feel her up by sucking on her nipples and fingering her pussy and then I got the nerve to have sex with her and within seconds I was cumming inside of her pussy while she was unaware that her son was having sex with her. True story of my real life experiences with my mother

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