An Unusual Incident Between A Peculiar Mother & Her Son:

It was hard, for a single mom to take care of her son. We all heard the story, girl gets knocked up in highschool, dad takes off. Shit gets rough. Mommy was very passionate about her career as a professional athlete, but obviously that went out of the window as soon as she gave birth to me. i  took everything from her, but she never complained. Even for a bit. She was always the sport, she kept herself fit even after all those years.

Time went by, it was time to go to college. I play basketball professionally, i guess i got my moms genes. All the girls in my college were shallow, they didn’t care. Not like my mother. I went back home for spring break, it was a delight to see my mom & she was overwhelmed by my surprise visit.
My mom started showing signs of depression & lonesome. She was always a strong woman, i was surprised and disheartened at the same time. I asked her if she was seeing someone. She felt awkward at first to talk about it, but i hugged her & told her it’s alright. I’m a grown man now.

Strangely enough, her mystifying scent just began turning me on. Like it was loaded with pheromones made just to seduce me.

We sat around the dining table and she told me that she hadn’t been with a single man since 5 years ago. She was almost convinced that she was only into women & couldn’t have an open gay relationship because she comes from a very conservative family.

I was in shock. I knew it was odd that there was not a single man that my mom dated, i always thought she was seeing someone or at the least taking care of herself by getting sex somehow.
She broke down & told me that it was very tough understanding her sexuality & the only time she ever had an orgasm was the 1 time she had sex with my dad (& yes the time i was conceived).

It was a totally different experience seeing a strong woman like my mother break down & shed tears. I didn’t know what else to do. I was panicking.

So i did the unexpected. I kissed her.

As i slid my tongue past her red beautiful lips, i heard the most beautiful moan ever. Her breasts became so damn firm & her nipples were so pointy & sharp. It felt as if they’d tear through her dress.

My heart was pounding really hard & i didn’t know what to do. So i tried to retract my tongue & get back to reflect on what the fuck just happened.

Then i see something stupidly weird. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
My mothers skin starts glowing a dim gold shaded radiance. I see her hair band just fly off & her beautiful blonde her turn gold, with a shine like i’ve never seen before. Her slightly saggy “mommy” breasts pull themselves up & tear the bra she was wearing. Her face transforms into a firmer, more radiant version of herself. It was like she went back 25 years in 25 seconds.



I knew i wasn’t dreaming all of this, i can feel her wet pussy leak out of her underwear. It smells so good!

There was only 1 question in my mind. What are you?

My kept kissing me.. She licked my ears & told me.

Son, do you believe in gods?

To be continued…

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  1. Nice erotic story. I enjoyed it.

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